When technology converges for innovation and new business, we emerge as a leader in the market.

Our digital area was conceived as a result of the search for people with unique skills, incorporating transformational technologies, capable of developing new possibilities for our clients.

Mazars in harmony with its future.

See our solution catalog below, divided into 5 groups of fully integrated offers:

Automation and Productivity

  • BPM (Business Process Management)
  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
  • Technological upgrade
  • Virtual agents (Chatbot, IA)

Cyber Security

  • SOC (Security Operation Center) Monitoring
  • Penetration testing (Pentest)
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • LGPD - General Data Protection Regulation

Digital Services

  • Discovery Digital
  • Digital products
  • Development of technological solutions (Mobile, Web)

IT Governance

  • IT consulting and auditing
  • Process mapping (As is /To be)
  • Analysis and diagnosis
  • Project management

ERP Consulting

  • ERP implementation
  • Technological update

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Uipiquer dos Santos
Uipiquer dos Santos Sócio líder de Business Development e Digital - Rio de Janeiro

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